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Our Value Chain

Colombia is blessed with privileged conditions such as a tropical location and vast biodiversity. These are circumstances that allow for the development of sustainable agro-industrial projects that are generators of income for our communities, diversification of exports and the offer of an adapted added value to the tendencies of global consumption.

For this reason, Colorganics has taken on the challenge of leading the structuring of the first line of the value chain of the annatto, in the area of natural colorants. This allows us to guarantee a sustainable supply and superior offer of products to high quality international markets.

Desarrollo de cmunicaciones

Community development

Currently we are encouraging the cultivation of annatto in the communities located in the Colombian Pacific (known as Choco) with the support of the Productive Alliances Program of the Ministry of Agriculture. This gesture is having an impact on 150 rural families and 300 acres of cultivated lands.


Extraction of Bixin

This includes the structuring and execution of a project aimed at the industrial production of bixin through clean extraction techniques, developing a portfolio of products that are adapted to international demands in relation to this colorant. This is a project being developed in alliance with USAID (United States) and Colorganics.



Being a company that develops integral solutions is our calling card. This is due to our developmental experience and know-how in the national markets. Our I+D Team adapts the use of active ingredients or natural colorants of high purity and develops formulations that make their use in different industrial niches viable.



Our company is equipped with an area of specialized application that, in conjunction with our clientele, guarantees an incorporation of color to different matrices with the best relative dose-to-cost possible, thus satisfying the technical needs of the industrial applications.